We live in a time when knowledge is constantly increasing. Archeology and the study of ancient manuscripts discovered in the Middle East give us a constant flow of information concerning the ancient religions which existed during the time of Mohammed. When we read these documents in the original languages or in well-researched translations it enables us to understand the roots of Islam better than at any other time in history.



Is Mohammed a Descendent of Ishmael?

The alleged Ascension of Mohammed to heaven 

The Family of Mohammed and Occultism

The alleged Ascension of Mohammed to heaven



The Classical Writers and Mecca 

Archaeology and Mecca 

The Bible and Mecca

The Kaabah and the Arabian Star Worship

The Role of the Temple at Mecca in the Jinn Religion and in the Arabian Family Star Religion 

The True Story of the Construction of the Temple of Mecca


Rise of Islam

The Earlier Followers Of Mohammed At Mecca
The Filthy Bargain
Islam As The Newborn Of The Jinn Religion Of Arabia


· An Analysis of the Qur'an in the Light of Documented History 

1. What is the Documented History?
2. The Qur'an and Haman
3. Mohammad Applied the Name "Samaritan" to the Time of Moses
4. Mohammad in the Qur'an Confused Mary, the Mother of Jesus, with Mary, the Sister of Aaron and Moses
5. Confusion on the timing of the tribes of Ad and Thamud
6. The Qur'an and the Midianites
7. Mohammad Claimed a Magical Cry Destroyed the City of Antioch
8. The Hoopoe and Solomon and the Queen of Saba
9. Nimrod in the Qur'an
10. Alexander the Great and the Myths of Persia
11. The Legend of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus

· The Qur'an or the Bible 

· Jinn as Muslims and Partakers of The Qur'an 


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