UK: “Moderate” imam Usama Hasan claims he would “deradicalize” ISIS bride by using work of jihadist scholar
Usama Hasan of the UK’s Quilliam Foundation gives the impression in this article that Ibn Taymiyya was a moderate. Hasan fails to mention that Ibn Taymiyya also said: “Since lawful warfare is essentially jihad and since its aim is that the religion is God’s entirely and God’s word is uppermost, therefore according to all Muslims, […]
Muslim member of Council on Foreign Relations claims “Islam reveres Judaism, the Torah, Moses and the Jewish people”
Qanta A. Ahmed “is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the Committee on Combating Contemporary Anti-Semitism Through Testimony at the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation.” Here she claims that “Islam reveres Judaism, the Torah, Moses and the Jewish people as legitimate believers, and Jerusalem as belonging only to the […]
Bernie Sanders hires campaign manager who endorsed Hamas flotilla, co-chaired event including Hamas fundraiser
On the heels of Bernie Sanders’ announcement about his bid for the Dem nomination in the 2020 presidential race, he has hired “veteran Democratic operative Faiz Shakir,” a man deemed to be a “Progressive Superstar”. A bit about this “superstar’s” background: Shakir has served as national political director to the American Civil Liberties Union since […]
During the Middle East Forum's conference on Qatar today, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, wrote me a brief note asking, at 10:17 am asking "Why. I really don't understand. What's going on. We were good friends for decades
Voor Hamas betekent "nauwkeurigheid" dat een journalist die in de Gazastrook werkt, Israël en de Palestijnse Autoriteit in het slechtst mogelijke daglicht zal plaatsen -- ongeacht de feiten. In plaats van de jonge en toegewijde journaliste te eren voor
Het probleem is dat dit - naar eigen zeggen - nobele initiatief afkomstig is van een organisatie die al enkele jaren de vrijheid van meningsuiting in Europa censureert. In de richtlijnen van het handboek staat dat journalisten "ervoor moeten zorgen dat
Ophef over Nashville Verklaring: Waar staat Deo Volente NL?
Ophef over de Nashville Verklaring Waar staat Deo Volente NL? De afgelopen week is Nederland als het ware opgeschrokken door een document dat ondertekend is door ongeveer 230 predikanten en pastoren. Opgezweept door de Nederlandse media, zowel op de radio als ook op de televisie, die de verklaring maar al...

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We live in a time when knowledge is constantly increasing. Archeology and the study of ancient manuscripts discovered in the Middle East give us a constant flow of information concerning the ancient religions which existed during the time of Mohammed. When we read these documents in the original languages or in well-researched translations it enables us to understand the roots of Islam better than at any other time in history.



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The alleged Ascension of Mohammed to heaven



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