Hizballah leader calls for Lebanon to boycott American products as “part of the battle to prove Islamic superiority”
“Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah has called for Lebanese citizens to strike at the heart of U.S. global success and boycott its goods and products as ‘part of the battle’ to prove Islamic superiority.” This battle “to prove Islamic superiority” is an Islamic mandate. The battle is to subjugate House of War (dar al harb) and incorporate […]
What’s the Matter with Jawad, Or, Who Says There is No Fun in Islam?
Hypocrisy, thy name is Hezbollah. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah who has helped bring Lebanon to near ruin, economically, politically, and of course morally, has a spoiled son, Jawad. Jawad Nasrallah is a chip off the old block, living a life of leisure, secure in the knowledge that his father has amassed a fortune […]
Egypt: Human rights group accuses Qatar and Turkey of funding Muslim Brotherhood
A human rights group in Egypt issued a report “stating that the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group is behind establishing 13 armed movements that carried out terrorist attacks in Egypt between 2013 and 2019.” The report “of the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue, openly accused Qatar and Turkey of funding the Muslim Brotherhood group […]
The Trump administration's massively detailed "Peace to Prosperity" vision contains many specifics, some of which are currently reverberating in Israel and among the Palestinians. One of the most surprising of these deals with an area known as "the
De laatste keer dat er Palestijnse verkiezingen waren, won Hamas het als in een aardverschuiving. Zelfs als Israël ermee instemt dat de Arabische inwoners van Jeruzalem aan de Palestijnse verkiezingen deelnemen, zal Abbas ongetwijfeld een ander excuus
In zijn eerste interview sinds zijn indrukwekkende overwinning in de algemene verkiezingen van vorige maand, zei de heer Boris Johnson dat hij de bezorgdheid van de VS over de overeenkomst van 2015 erkende, maar erop stond dat er een manier moest zijn om
De pro-life film Unplanned gaat in Nederland premiere
De film Unplanned gaat op 23 oktober in Veenendaal in première. Klik hier voor het bestellen van kaartjes . Deze controversiële film gaat over het leven van Abby Johnson, een voormalige directeur van een abortuskliniek van Planned Parenthood. Op een dag moest ze invallen waardoor ze een abortus van dichtbij...

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We live in a time when knowledge is constantly increasing. Archeology and the study of ancient manuscripts discovered in the Middle East give us a constant flow of information concerning the ancient religions which existed during the time of Mohammed. When we read these documents in the original languages or in well-researched translations it enables us to understand the roots of Islam better than at any other time in history.



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The alleged Ascension of Mohammed to heaven



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